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Since we crossed the threshold of the digital age some time ago, software development has been one of the most important parts of progress in practically all areas of our lives. Companies need the right tools to connect and serve their customers.

Custom software development has become the popular choice of many businesses – it allows them to save time for specific projects, optimize a variety of business processes, attract more customers, and finally have definite impact on the business results. The main advantage of custom software is being flexible and even more goal-oriented.

That’s the main difference between having custom and ready-to-use software solutions. Now, when a huge part of everyday lives went remote, customized software development services have never been more appealing.

At BrainForge IT, we know how to develop custom software that helps our customers build their competitiveness. If you’re looking for tailor-made software development services that meet the specific needs of your businesses, let’s talk!

What are software development services?

Software development services are all activities that aim at designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving different kinds of software (system software, programming software, application software). Software development services are mainly conducted by developers and software engineers.

Software development companies offer a wide portfolio of services that include planning the software architecture, applying principles to build software, programming, driving the overall software development lifecycle, and conducting software testing and maintenance.

Software development services include all that is involved from the concept of the desired digital product to the final deployment and maintenance of the software. The entire process of software development service consists of the following stages: planning and analysis, product design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance:

Planning and analysis

we always start with a detailed workshop with a customer. During such a workshop, we gather information and discuss the requirements, as well as discuss the user journey and user story mapping. Then, we set the availability and allocation of resources. During this phase, cost estimation is also prepared. Also, this stage includes selecting a methodology and creating a roadmap for the project.

Defining the target audience

before the design phase starts, we need to define the target audience for your digital product. We aim at building a better understanding of the market needs. We gather a detailed user information: who are they? How old are they? How will they benefit from the product? Etc.

Product design

during this stage, product design and functionalities are set. The designer team creates a design around solutions to the problems presented by requirements. The phase ends when a prototype is created.


here the magic happens – developers write program code in the properly chosen programming language. The final step is implementation.


the testing team runs a series of tests to ensure optimal functioning. They manage configuration and defects. Many trials are conducted to find bugs and fix them.

Deployment and maintenance

software development solutions go live. The code is pushed into production. The post-launch phase of software development starts to ensure uptime and customer satisfaction. The life cycle recycles to enable continuous improvement.


Is custom software development the same as software development?

Not really.

Software development is usually designed for a broad set of requirements. It can be packaged and commercially marketed, then distributed. On the other hand, custom software development means designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a narrowed group of users or organizations. Customized software development services are targeted at a specific set of clients.

Why do you need software development solutions?

Your IT services and solutions

have to distinguish from competitors if you want your business to be successful. And software development solutions are perfect for those who need to improve customers’ experiences and, at the same time, bring more feature-rich and innovative products to market. It’s a way to manage your business processes with the right tool, from planning to keeping track of effectiveness. You have better operational control over various fields of running your company which helps you drive growth and scalability.

Here’s why you may need a software development company to run your online business:

It’s a way to improve sales

if you want to make your customer service world-class, you need an appropriate customer lead management platform or custom software service. Software development solutions might be crucial for running your business.

It helps in marketing your business

on-the-go marketing has been more important than ever before. An IT software development company can help you reach customers located anywhere throughout the world. You increase customers’ engagement with the help of mobile / web applications or websites.

It enables direct com - munication

services provided by software companies often include tools that make direct communication with customers quick and easy and automate the communication processes to be even more efficient. If you want to increase your brand awareness and be closer to your customers, this may be the fastest way.

If you decide to choose custom software development

you create end products that are unique. Custom software development services are tailor-made. They are done after analyzing your needs and requirements. When compared to ready-to-use software, custom software seamlessly fits your business. Also, you own the source code. You can easily optimize your business processes and emphasize your business acumen. Unique services, tailor-made for your business, can be adapted to your specific needs.

It’s a good investment

sure, software development may be costlier than off-the-shelf products. However, developing your own IT services and solutions is a one-time investment that will bring process efficiencies later on.

It allows you to scale with your business needs

the software made for you by a software development company will have an innate understanding of how they scale it to more users or with more innovative features.

What services does our software development company offer?

At BrainForge IT: Software & Consulting, we offer high-end software development services for companies of any size: startups, small and medium-size enterprises, as well as large companies. See what we offer:

Web applications services

From the very ideation and development to implementation and monitoring we ensure you reach your users efficiently. Web apps are application programs stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface. They don’t need to be downloaded as they are accessed through a network.

They allow multiple users access to the same version of an app and can be accessed through different platforms (desktop, laptop, mobile). Web applications are a great way to achieve a competitive edge and a tool for keeping customers. Custom web applications have been designed for more privacy and the highest level of security.

Business applications

Business applications we develop at BrainForge IT represent the software and the infrastructure that is used to support your business capability. Such software is strategic and useful for your business only. It’s any software that helps your company in optimizing operations and processes.

It’s a way to boost your efficiency and performance and, at the same time, improve decision-making and customer service. Business applications designed at our software development company will help you mark your digital presence and make it easier for your employees to update you about the work.

A cross-platform mobile development approach allows you to build an app compatible with various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. They are fully compatible with more than one operating system. As a consequence, your company can reach a broader audience. Cross-platform mobile applications are fast to develop –

– you don’t need to build a separate version for each operating system. This also means cost efficiency and platform consistency – it is easier to maintain product growth in the future and updates are distributed to all users at once. Finally, as you are not limited to a single operating system, you have a wider market reach.

Dedicated websites and online stores

At BrainForge IT, we also offer dedicated custom software development services at the field of dedicated websites and fully optimized online stores that meet customers’ requirements and increase brand awareness. We develop highly engaging websites that are tailor-made for your target audience.

We believe in a quality, secure, and creative approach – all that successful e-commerce needs! We’ll help you unleash the potential of your business, no matter the industry you operate in and the size of your business.

How to choose custom software development services for your business

Choosing the right software development company may be a tricky task. Here are the key points that can be a great help when choosing between the top custom application development companies:

Fluent workflow and seamless communication

the work process should match your workflow throughout the entire development cycle.


the software development company of your choice should follow the latest security protocols for keeping all data and software products safe.

Industry experience

make sure you choose top talents with relevant experience in the industry that is similar to yours. This will give you some insight into the company’s performance.


software services companies usually specialize in particular types of software (web development, FinTech, mobile apps) and specific technologies (machine learning, blockchain, etc.). Choose the one that builds solutions for your industry and your type of organization.

Why we are the best software services company

At BrainForge IT, we take overall responsibility for the how-to project part. We’ll help you achieve your business goals and improve the development process. We take your budget seriously and help you accurately estimate resources. We are okay with tight deadlines – delivery time is always managed according to the set goals. Also, we offer transparent service supported by regular reports. We believe in proactivity – we love adding new features, improvements, and possible competitive advantages! Finally, we offer tailored communication with each stakeholder. We guarantee:

Quality and security

we have been certified according to the latest quality and quality management standards. We are a fully reliable custom software development company.

Cost-effective services

our customized software development services are matched by excellent customer service at an affordable price and full-scale maintenance and support.

Client needs prioritization

we have extensive knowledge in software development services. We are ready to deliver a custom end-to-end software development process to your business.


We’re ready to create perfect software to upscale your business

Let’s succeed in a technological world together – are you ready to estimate your new project?

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